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The Nimbus Soundset contains a massive amount of presets, over 570, for the powerful synthesizer, Waldorf Largo, covering most electronic and ambient genres. The Nimbus soundset includes a stunning and diverse assortment of high quality Basses, Plucks, Keys, Pads, Atmospheres, Leads, Strings, Synth Choirs, and Effects for Largo's arsenal. Largo itself is a very diverse synthesizer and capable of making nearly any type of sound by fusing many forms of synthesis, in addition to being multi-timbral in nature. Likewise, Largo deserves an equally powerful and diverse soundset, Nimbus.



Purchase Nimbus Soundset: $20

Soundset Description


The majority of the patches utilize Largo's multi-timbral nature and contain many layers. In addition, all patches are assigned velocity and modulation wheel destinations. The soundset is conviniently arranged in 5 banks of patches by category, in addition to including the single presets categorized by type in there own folder to arrange according to ones own preferernce. In effect, the Nimbus Soundset is 5 Banks-in-1.


Patch Breakdown


Arps - 7

Leads - 114

Basses - 149

Plucks - 100

Keys - 56

SQ - 3

FX - 22

Pads/Atmo - 118

Strings - 14

Choirs - 9


Banks Breakdown






Misc (Strings, Choirs, FX, and Basses)

Video Showcases


Pads Walkthrough Part One



This is part one of the atmo/pads showcase where I go throughall the patches through letters A-H. No patch is skipped.

Audio Showcases


Pads and Atmospheres


Lead Showcases



Audio Showcases


Strings and Synth Choirs










Largo Sound Design Tutorials


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