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Ambient Dreamtime

Touch The Universe Proudly Presents: Ambient Dreamtime


Touch The Universe Productions is extremely pleased to introduce the Ambient Dreamtime Soundset for LuSH-101, a genre transcending, massive assortment of over 225 multi-layered pads, textures, soundscapes, and rhythmic sequences for the latest cutting edge productions. LuSH-101 is an absolutely beautiful sounding synthesizer with extremely high technical capabilities and mind blowing effects – perfect for evolving soundscapes and complex pad sound design.


This soundset take full advantage of the Polyphonic Multi-timbral nature of LuSH-101 with deep precision and sonic playfulness. Not only is there a prolific amount of presets and variations, but each one is complex multi-layered patch, gracefully interwoven with complex modulation assignments for an expressive, evolving performance – sometimes up to 18 modulation wheel assignments and 8 layers per patch! This massive collection of thick, ultra-lush pads and textures are awash with shimmering warmth, airy richness, and internal movement for some seriously deep modulating, self-oscillating, formant singing, dreamy atmospherics. Paired with complex, high tech, multi-layered sequences, Ambient Dreamtime offers a powerful and creative combination for futuristic creative expressions for any genre.




Purchase Ambient Dreamtime Sound Bank: 18$ (Intro Price - Reg. 22$)

Patch Showcase - Video Part I



This video showcases many of the presets in the Ambient Dreamtime Sound Bank and is part one of a series which will cover all of the presets! Alternatively, you may preview all of the presets in the audio showcases below.

Patch Showcase - Video Part II


Patch Showcase - Audio - Part I


Patch Showcase - Audio - Part II


D16 luSH-101 Ambient Soundscape Sound Design Tutorials



In these videos I re- create some ambient soundscape patches from the Ambient Dreamtime Soundset for the lush-101 Vsti.

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