Waldorf largo Sound Bank



The Full Nimbus Soundset Contains 570 presets for Waldorf Largo and is suitable for any type of electronic music and ambient genres. It is in essence 5 sound banks-in-1 and is available  for $20. A little version, Nimbus Mini is also available at a lighter price point.



Waldorf largo Sound Bank



The Nimbus Mini Soundset contains 64 amazing presets for Waldorf Largo and is the little brother to the full Nimbus Soundset, for those who would like to get a taste of the full Nimbus soundset, and is available for $5. Anyone who purchases the mini soundset may upgrade to the full Nimbus soundset at anytime for $20 and recieve an additional 500+ presets.



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Owned and operated by Timothy Ivory. Online Goa & Progressive Trance, Psybient, Indie Label and Sound Design Services. Available for booking within USA. Demo's accepted.

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touch the universe is live


Launching of the site and label with the first soundset release for Diversion.